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Planning & Monthly Monitoring Services:

$397/$797, CFO Services

At CFO Business AdvisorsTM LLC, we understand the financial issues facing small and mid-size businesses. You need the same financial expertise as larger organizations, but cannot afford a full-time CFO. We'll put you on a path toward success by understanding your strategic objectives, creating a plan that meets those objectives, measuring results monthly and helping you to adjust your business toward your success! "Your Business Success is our Passion!"

Our monthly services include:

1. Planning Your Business
Initial discussions include defining your strategic objectives and plan preparation and aligning your strategic objectives with your plan.. We will create a complete business plan using our MoneyRazor™ Financial Planning Template:

  • Two years of historical monthly financials
  • Current year monthly financials
  • Three years of monthly forecasted financials
  • Two additional years of annual forecasted financials
  • Financial scenarios to see how different variables effect your firm’s valuation

2. Monthly Monitoring of Your Business
We will monitor and update your financial plan for actual results each and every month.

3. Correct Your Course
We will have a 1 or 2 hour monthly discussion to review your latest results, compare your results to your plan and we will discuss implementation of needed adjustments to get your business back on course. We are always available for ongoing support during the month as issues arise. Our clients experience improved profitability, liquidity and business valuation! You’ll always have an updated plan for capital-raising or business sale opportunities!

4. Success - Your Destination

You have achieved your strategic objectives and it is time set new goals or move on to new horizons!

PLANNING & monthly MONITORING services
$397 or $797 a month